Meet The Sisters Behind SisterHood Products

Jina Foltz -FounderChiropractor by day, period stigma slayer by night.  I got my period when I was 13 years old at a department store and discovered I got it when I was trying clothes on!  As a pediatric and perinatal focused chiropractor, I have been passionate about women's health issues for a long time. Periods were always a huge topic for me as practically all women got them, but very few openly talked about them. The biggest concern is that most girls don’t understand their bodies or understand their periods until much older, because we as a society do not socially accept open conversations about vaginal blood. I had a vision to create the period pouches as a way to have open conversations and end the shame of this normal biological process, while making it fun!

The best part of the Sisterhood products is that I get to work with my own sister!


Janelle Foltz -FounderChasing 2 blue-eyed beauties by day, period warrior by night. I got my period when I was 14 years old, in the comfort of my own home as I yelled across the house to my mom in shock!  When I became pregnant with my first born, there was so ZERO discretion with anything “down there” so I became more open with myself- and my period. Slowly learning the full beauty of a woman during this time. I’m wanting to stop whispering in a social setting- Does anyone have a tampon? The only thing I learned growing up was to keep that information classified and I'm over it! My sister Jina and I are on a mission to share a better experience to uplift all ladies and not make anyone ashamed or embarrassed. Because that is TRUE sisterhood!

The best part of the Sisterhood Products are the period stories and the blood bond we all share!

Don’t be shy. Be bold and make a statement with our period pouch, T-shirt or our other accessories. That’s the confidence every sister needs.

Sisterhood is powerful.
When women come together, great things happen. Stay informed and rock our period pouch, tote bag, t-shirt or our other accessories. Help send a message that a girl can be fearless, fashionable and confident even when on her periods.

Sisterhood Products is here to empower and inform our sisters
. Our goal is to give women the confidence they need even when their uteruses and backs are on fire. Going through periods can feel lonely and depressing. Through our period pouches, bolds tees and other accessories, we’re here to show you that you’re not alone. A lot of sisters are in this struggle with you. Sisters learning that periods are natural and don’t need to be hidden is the agenda we’re pushing. Bleeding without feeling ashamed or being shamed is the society we want.  

Find a Sisterhood Out and About

Find the sisterhood founders in the streets collecting video responses on period stories, learning what the community thinks on period stigma and rocking the new brand. 

Be a sister, rock your period pouch, tote bag or bold tee while you go about your day and encourage a sister down the street and everywhere else you go. Sisterhood is all about menstrual awareness and boldness.  

Janelle Foltz meeting with a fan at a local market in Sarasota, FL

Be Bold, Be Strong, Rock It and Wear It, We Do..