About Sisterhood Products

Sisterhood Mission
The sisterhood exists to end the period stigma by empowering women to embrace their natural bodies. We do this through education, conversations and by giving women a voice to live their authentic truths.   Women are powerful forces and when we work united we are unstoppable!  We are Bold. We are Confident. We are Fearless.  We are the Sisterhood. Period. 
Sisiterhood Products Vision
We see a world where women understand their bodies and are not ashamed to speak about their periods, or hide natural processes. We see a world where men and women can have open, educated conversations on global policies surrounding menstruation. We see a world where humanity unites to make global impact on the period stigma! 
We see a world where young women and men are better educated about periods at school to decrease bullying, teasing, hiding and shame and rather focus on being a community that supports one another and creates change.