Sisterhood Period Stories

We all know our first period had some type of story- funny or not. Bond with us and share your period story via email to be featured on our website or, tag us @TheSisterhoodoffical us on social media



Nicky C

"We were moving 2yr ago, my 12yr old (now 14) came running up to me, white as a ghost n said "Mama... There's blood everywhere... My butt finally broke like yours"


Allie H

"I got mine in third grade in the middle of class didn't know what was happening explained to the teacher and she announced real loud congrats you got your period"


Kattie A

"My mom prepared me as well. She was of a mind that if we were old enough to question something, we were old enough to know the answer. She drew a uterus and vagina and labeled everything. She also included my brother in on the lesson. She explained periods and how pregnancy happens (PG-rated) I think we were around 6/7. When my first period came at 11, she called off work and let me stay home from school, I had gotten it overnight so it was everywhere. She taught me how to clean it then took me shopping to celebrate. I plan on doing the same for my girl someday".


Imani A

"My only hilarious/embarrassing story is in 8th grade. We were in class doing our “how to” projects. Someone’s project was paper airplanes, so when we all flew them, I got up and grabbed mine, turned to look at my seat and there was blood EVERYWHERE!! Omg, I was so embarrassed but laugh about it now. I needed to of my friends to help me walk to the nurse because my jeans were soaked I THOUGHT I WAS JUST SWEATY OR SOME S***... but NOPE. After that incident, I wore big a** pads and shorts under everything even jeans  I wasn’t allowed to wear tampons then but damn they would of helped lol"