Let's Talk... Periods.

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- Nicky C.

"We were moving 2yr ago, my 12yr old (now 14) came running up to me, white as a ghost n said "Mama... There's blood everywhere... My butt finally broke like yours"

- Allie H.

"I got mine in third grade in the middle of class didn't know what was happening explained to the teacher and she announced real loud congrats you got your period"

- Kattie A

"My mom prepared me as well. She was of a mind that if we were old enough to question something, we were old enough to know the answer. She drew a uterus and vagina and labeled everything. She also included my brother in on the lesson. She explained periods and how pregnancy happens (PG-rated) I think we were around 6/7. When my first period came at 11, she called off work and let me stay home from school, I had gotten it overnight so it was everywhere. She taught me how to clean it then took me shopping to celebrate. I plan on doing the same for my girl someday".

- Imani A. 

"My only hilarious/embarrassing story is in 8th grade. We were in class doing our “how to” projects. Someone’s project was paper airplanes, so when we all flew them, I got up and grabbed mine, turned to look at my seat and there was blood EVERYWHERE!! Omg, I was so embarrassed but laugh about it now. I needed to of my friends to help me walk to the nurse because my jeans were soaked I THOUGHT I WAS JUST SWEATY OR SOME S***... but NOPE. After that incident, I wore big a** pads and shorts under everything even jeans I wasn’t allowed to wear tampons then but damn they would of helped lol"

-Kristen N.

"I was 11 in school and felt something weird. Thankfully the bathroom was right next door.
I sat there on the toilet forever trying to figure out what to do and finally someone came in and I asked her if she had a pad.
Thankfully she did.
I was not prepared. My mom never talked to me about it. She found out I started my period because she noticed that her pads were disappearing.
Talk to your kids people! Your relationship will be closer if you do."



Testimonials From Sisters

Marissa H.

St Pete, FL

As a birth educator, periods are near and dear to my heart! You cant have babies with out periods. I was so excited to be apart of this project, not only to share my period story, but also to snag one of these awesome pouches. I've started using it for my tampons and my make up. And because I have kids, i'm thankful that its machine washable.

Monica M.

Lexington, KY

I don't have periods anymore, but growing up, I wish there was a company like this to help young girls be more comfortable with their periods the way I was never able to. I bought a period pouch to travel with and I have already started to spark up conversations!

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