Tote Bags, Tumblers, Tapestries, Stickers and More - ALL ABOUT PERIODS! 

Take me to the beach! The grocery store! The farmers market! Take me anywhere! Everyone needs an adorable multi-purpose tote bag! This practical high quality Tote Bag will help us get the word out! That we can talk about periods... in public! Check out both sides!

Made from reliable materials |  100% Polyester | Boxed corners | Black cotton handles | Black lining


"Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" 11oz Coffee Mug

Filled with Coffee and a dollop of confidence! Because we are always on the go, sip your favorite cup of joe, favorite tea or chug down that hot cocoa!

Irreplaceable Mothers day gift for a busy everyday life, & reminder that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. This ceramic mug will keep drinks at the right temperature for hours on the go. 



Peace Love & Periods. Sticker 

Let's seek our love for one another- and especially ourselves. Know that if you can be transparent about your periods, you can be transparent about anything else that comes your way. Personalize your laptop, water bottle, windows, and more!



Let's Talk... Periods.


Testimonials From Sisters

Melissa L.

Nicholasville, KY

First off, I just want to point out how cute the stickers are! I ordered the Normalized periods sticker, and I ended up getting an extra one for free. Its been on my laptop for a week now, and its still stuck on there really well. Gives it a nice pop of color!

April M.

Jacksonville, FL

I found this company while scrolling through Instagram. The peace love & periods tote caught my eye. It was honestly different for me when I took it to the beach for the first time. The colors pop out a lot which makes it more noticeable and i've never expressed my period"out loud" before. One lady did ask me what my bag is supposed to mean haha to help normalize periods of course! It ended up being really fun to talk about in a group setting. I feel great and I cant wait to use it at the grocery store next


Period What? Only The Hottest New Fearlessly Fashionable “Period Pouch” 

"Hey, do you have an extra pad?" Why, yes I do!

This pouch is for you, you are bold, courageous, and confident. This pouch can carry all your period products, and don't forget to carry extras for a friend.

Help a sista' out!



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